Selasa, 10 Maret 2015

Trip To Las Vegas

I cant believe how many things I accomplished this week, and I am happy to have been able to go to all the evevent's my friends Invited me, I am surprised I even had time for a lil getaway to Vegas that trip was fun.Thank you Arturo for the Invite.....I have a lot of events to go this month but this week was the busiest not only Networking events but Bday parties ect...I am so happy I made it....Is funny because yesterday I made it to 3 events in one day...Had dinner with a"friend" then Improv show had to support my dear friend and great actor Mauricio, then Esme Bday, then we went to this fabulous place called Edison..Fun stuff enjoy the pics.

Las Vegas

Minggu, 01 Maret 2015

Going To Cartagena Colombia Nayibes Wedding

I have to say Nayibe is one of the sweetest girl, I love her so much and I have to say I am the HAPPIEST friend right now, you are getting married Nayi, that makes me so happy because I know how much you love that wonderful man you have next to you.
We have spend many years talking about this and I am not only happy because you marrying Nelson but because i got to be your maid of Honor and I am traveling to one of my favorite countries Colombia, yeahhhhhhyyy, that's great I adore you with all my heart and you better be ready because my long speech will make you cry , I will talk more than my b-days because Your Wedding is so important to me as it is to you.
You were my first Somos Model, My confident, I fail once and you still loved me, thank you for never judging, thank you for getting my first Martini(and last) I really don't like drinking, Our first trip to NYC,been with me in all my Bday celebrations for the past ten years , I am so HAPPY you have no idea ....I will make sure your wedding is as perfect as our friendship is...Even our mistakes make it perfect because we want it that way...
Beautiful, I always wanted the best for you now I want the best for you and Nelson, I cant wait to spend the greatest time with you guys in Cartagena..LOve you Both and thank you so much for giving me the greatest title.
Maid of Honor.

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